Regular Expressions – Remove texts before a character in notepad++

Notepad++ is a text and source code editor which supports several programming languages running under the MS Windows. If you need to remove some texts before a character, Cmd2.Parameters.AddWithValue(“@PosRefs”, textBox19.Text); Cmd2.Parameters.AddWithValue(“@NSmoking”, textBox20.Text); Cmd2.Parameters.AddWithValue(“@LongStay”, textBox21.Text); For instance, I want to remove all texts before the punctuation mark  comma (,) in the above example. [lists] Ctrl + F […]

The Best way to Move your WordPress Website Using Plugins

Web hosting services sometimes fail your expectations. You installed a WordPress website and you met so many glitches in your website because of the limited resources provided by your hosting company. Now you decided to move your WordPress installation away from the hosting provider.  In other circumstances, you may need to cleanup the hosting directories […]

How to remove non native services in Centos Linux


First check the running services by this command: chkconfig –list Note: This output shows SysV services only and does not include native systemd services. SysV configuration data might be overridden by native systemd configuration. If you want to list systemd services use ‘systemctl list-unit-files’. To see services enabled on particular target use ‘systemctl list-dependencies [target]’. […]