Setting up a business costs money. Getting the right software to help your business perform in today’s digital-driven world is crucial.  It is, therefore, safe to say that where your business is able to get free software, rather than paid-for versions, this could help, right?

Not always.  You need to exercise great caution when looking for free software for your business.

A program that you download from the Internet has the potential to contain code which could present major problems for your business.  In some cases, this will not always be visible to you.

Another name for free software is ‘freeware.’  In some cases, the common saying ‘ you only get what you pay for’ could ring very true.

Security is paramount for your business.  When you choose to use free software for your business, you will often get a ‘light’ version of a product that does not include updates, bug fixes, tech support, virus definitions, and download patches. So, although the software could be OK when you download it, it could be cause for a security concern once you have it on your systems. Many high-profile businesses make the headlines when Malware, Spyware, Adware or other Malicious infections impact their business due to the severity and importance of such breaches.

Some of the known effects of such programs could result in a loss of performance of your systems, a loss of your company data, or much worse, theft of vital business information which could include personal or financial data.  The cost of correcting such incidents can be astronomical for a business and can lead to a serious impact on the reputation of your company, and in some cases, for small businesses, it could be much more severe.

We offer digital signed free software which is completely safe to download. This can help you to verify the authenticity of documents or digital messages. A valid signature enables the receiver to confirm that a known and authentic sender is creating the content, it shows that it has not been changed at all in transit and that the message came directly from that person.

If you have any concerns about free software or if you would like to inquire into our digital signed free software, please get in touch with a member of the team today.

It is always better to ask first, before downloading any free software onto your system.

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